Your blueprint to high quality Architects & Engineers Professional Liability insurance.

The Problem
For architects and engineers the risk of mishap during a project looms from drawing board to ribbon cutting ceremony—and well beyond. How can these professionals be sure their liability coverage won’t let them down when faced with a lawsuit?

The Risk
Expensive and time-depleting lawsuits arising from alleged acts, errors or omissions committed by architects or engineers in their work.

The Solution
Standard practice professional liability insurance for architects & engineers offered through Hehr & Associates, Inc. (HAI)

The Advantage

Professional liability coverage for most classes of architects & engineers
Will consider practice areas with all hazard grades
- Low – acoustical engineers, irrigation, landscaping, drafting services
- Medium – surveyors, mechanical, civil, agricultural engineers, architects
- High – process, structural and geotechnical, traffic, highway and bridge
  engineers, offshore platforms

  1. Expanded definition of “insured”
  2. Loss of earnings and expense reimbursement coverage
  3. Regulatory coverage
  4. Worldwide coverage for suits brought in U.S.
  5. Split limits available
  6. Deductible may be waived
  7. Two-way extended reporting period—100%/1 year 150%/2 years

- Online Risk Management Guide
- Attorney risk management hotline
- 30+ years underwriting and claim handling experience
- Customized coverage suited to specific needs

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