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Employers' Liability for WV and OH

Did your compensation carrier reduce limits or simply not renew coverage for West Virginia Broad Form EL?  If so, Hehr & Associates, Inc. (HAI) offers West Virginia Broad Form EL and Ohio (certain to apply) EL. 
Recent coal mine disasters in West Virginia have drawn public attention to the coal industry and Federal investigations may well keep the issues in the forefront for a very long time.  In these unsettling times the need for employer protection is more critical than ever.  Swiftly changing political sentiment can have a serious impact on bottom lines. 

In West Virginia the “intentional” injury and in Ohio the “certain to apply” can put any commercial enterprise at risk of having to respond with their own dollars and time to these potential issues.  Our product is designed to respond to be specifically as opposed to “perhaps” under a general liability cover and in the absence of Broad Form coverage in West Virginia.


  • Excess Employers Liability in West Virginia over Broad Form EL
  • Employers Liability in West Virginia and Ohio with SIR of $25,000 or more and $1,000,000 aggregate limit
  • SIR up to $100,000 with ILOC
  • Defense within the Limit of Liability
  • We will consider coverage in conjunction with assigned risk

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