The Problem
Like most people, medical professionals are not immune to life’s problems.
Unfortunately, some problems can render a physician, surgeon, podiatrist or dentist hard-to-place, making it difficult to obtain professional liability insurance.

The Risk
Hehr & Associates, Inc. provides insurance coverage options to medical professionals seeking protection against loss of income, savings and professional reputation when claims are incurred.

The Solution
Professional liability insurance for the hard-to-place physician, surgeon, podiatrist and dentist is what you will find when you contact Hehr & Associates, Inc. (HAI) about the Medical Malpractice Program

The Advantage

  1. Claims made professional liability insurance
  2. Custom designed coverage for complex risks
  3. Coverage triggered by reporting of incident
  4. Consent to settle with limitation
  5. Two-way extended reporting for up to 7 years
  6. Entity-only coverage available

Target classes include the following:

  • Physicians, dentists & podiatrists
  • Locum Tenens/contract staffing groups
  • Correctional medicine

Employees are insured’s
Supplemental payment for trial attendance
Defense of license coverage
Data breach sub-limit available

Optional coverages:

  • Defense of license
  • Defense costs outside limits of liability
  • Indemnity only deductible
  • General liability coverage for locums and contract staffing group

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