Ocean Marine
Hehr & Associates, Inc. (HAI) has an underwriting team that understands the water and can provide comprehensive admitted and non-admitted marine packages in a single policy tailored specifically to your client’s needs.

• Commercial General Liability
• Commercial Property
• Dock Physical Damage
• Tools
• Inland Marine Equipment
• Hull Physical Damage
• Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
• Marine Builder’s Risks
• Boat Dealer Inventory
• Marine Liability
      Marina Operator’s Legal Liability
      Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability
      Wharfinger’s Legal Liability
      Stevedore’s Legal Liability
      Charterer’s Legal Liability

Target Classes
Marinas - Moorage, Storage, Repair, Fueling, Hauling, Campgrounds,
Restaurants, Pools, Stores
Boat Dealers - Boat Demonstrations and Inventory on New, Used, and
Consignment: Boats, Jet Skis, ATV, Snowmobile, Recreation Equipment
Marine Artisans - Detailing, Painting, Engine, Fiberglass, Canvas
Marine Contractors - Dock, Bulkhead, Seawall, Rip-Rap, Dredging
Boat or Marine Product Manufacturers - Construction, Trials/Testing -liability and physical damage
Cargo - Overseas Shipments by Vessel or Air, Importers, Exporters, Single Shipments, Open Policies, Overseas Exhibition
Marine Service Industry - Surveyors, Consultants, Architects
Boats - Operating or Port Risk - Excursion Boats, Fishing Guides, Dinner Cruises, Non-Standard Personal Use or Corporate Use Boats
Marine Special Events - Boat Parades, Poker Runs, Fireworks Barges
Shipyards - Vessel Repair
Stevedores - Vessel Loading/Unloading
Wharf/Dock Owners - Vessel Tie-Up
Excess Liability
Difficult to Place Marine Risks - Waterborne Contractor’s Equipment, Floating Restaurants, Miscellaneous Property Outside of the U.S.

Inland Marine
From contractor’s equipment to accounts receivable documents, Hehr & Associates, Inc. (HAI) can underwrite a broad selection of coverages to meet your client’s insurance needs.  Contact us today to discuss your specific Inland Marine risk.

Warehouse Legal Liability
Provides coverage to warehouse operator for damage to third party goods in storage
Electronic Data Processing (EDP)
Provides 1st party coverage for equipment, data, and software
Miscellaneous Property Floater
Provides 1st party coverage for miscellaneous property
Slot machines, ATMs, medical equipment, musical instruments, amusement equipment
Contractor’s Equipment
Provides 1st party coverage for contractor’s equipment
Motor Truck Cargo
Provides coverage to hauler for damage to third party cargo while in transit
Produce, cars, livestock, logs, tires, and more (no household goods movers or freight forwarders)
Builder’s Risk
Covers buildings and structures while in the course of construction, erection or fabrication
Home Builders, Renovations, Commercial (except Apartments, Townhouses, Condo’s, Motels and or Hotels)

Other Coverages Provided
Accounts Receivable
Bailees’ Customers’ Property
Equipment Dealers
Exhibition Floaters
Contingent Motor Truck Cargo
Transportation Floaters
Fine Art Floaters ($500,000 TIV or less)
Moving and Rigging Floaters
Livestock Floater
Salesman’s Floaters
Excess on all classes (except contingent motor truck cargo)
Oil and Well Servicing Equipment
Leased Property

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